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Report on Judicial Dispute Resolution

May 27th, 2016

*Paul Godin, Director of US Operations, ADR Chambers/Stitt Feld Handy Group

Is there a role for judges in mediating and facilitating settlement of disputes in Ontario’s court system, and if so, what should that role be? This was the fundamental question answered, on a high level, when the Ontario Bar Association’s long anticipated task force report on judicial dispute resolution (JDR), “A Different ‘Day in Court’ The Role of the Judiciary in Facilitating Settlements” was released in July (the “Report”).

Beginning in 2011, the OBA task force, of which I was a part, reviewed how JDR was handled in a variety of other provinces across Canada, and how it was taking place currently in Ontario. We consulted with representative experts from many different provinces, most sections of the OBA, and a variety of external stakeholders. An OBA Policy Day on JDR brought speakers and stakeholders from around the country and Ontario together to discuss the issues. Our background review revealed a startling variation in JDR design and usage from province to province, with everything from ad hoc informal models to highly regulated rules-based models, but even the rules-based models were of very different design and philosophy. Read more…


Seven Ways To Say No

May 20th, 2016

Starting A Mediation Practice/Career

May 13th, 2016